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Beef ‘Wraps’

Most of you will know I follow a low carb, paleolithic diet. This doesn’t mean you can’t have some awesome food! I get creative with my meals, I try things differently if the recipe doesn’t suit me and learn from trial and error. I found some wrap recipes using lettuce as the wrap and to be honest they never interested me, but one night I decided to give them a go. OMG! These things are totally amazeballs and they fill you up!! Each wrap has protein, healthy fats and a good serve of vegetables-what more could you ask for? So without further adieu…..


2 Pieces Iceberg Lettuce

Small Piece Red Capsicum-chopped

Small Piece Green Capsicum-chopped

½ Tomato-chopped

1 Spring Onion-chopped

250g Beef Mince (This will make two serves and you can use turkey or chicken mince if desired)

1 Cup Basil-roughly chopped

Garlic Powder

½ Avocado-chopped


  1. Cook the mince in a frypan, add garlic powder to your own tastes
  2. When the mince is almost done, add the basil leaves to the pan
  3. Remove once leaves wilted and mince cooked
  4. Use the same pan to cook capsicum, tomato and spring onion
  5. Rinse lettuce leaves, shake excess water and place on plate
  6. Split mince portion in half, keep one half aside for another meal. Divide second half evenly over each lettuce leaf
  7. Divide avocado over two portions
  8. Divide mixed vegetables over each portion
  9. Wrap up and enjoy!

Warning: These are messy to eat, just get in there and enjoy them!

Note-I used steak in this picture, I’ve found I like mince better, I just always forget to take a picture.

Stop drooling, go make them.



Surviving The Holidays

I can’t believe it’s almost December. Seriously where did this year go? I LOVE Christmas! It means time off to relax and recover, time with my family (yep, I like spending time with my relatives, they’re all just as nuts as me!), time for catch ups with friends and the chance to sleep in past 5am (though in saying that my body clock doesn’t always follow that plan). The entire period keeps a smile on my face and me acting like a five year old for the entire month.

Unfortunately this is also the time period where everyone’s Health and Fitness can go out the window and by the time the New Year hits, they have taken five steps backwards. Christmas day itself is not the problem. One day of indulgence isn’t going to cause you to gain 5kgs and lose all of your strength. Everything in the lead up to Christmas is the issue, there’s work Christmas functions: for your work and then your partner’s work, then maybe even a friend’s work! There’s the dinners with every circle of friends you have, the Christmas dinners for the family that you won’t actually see on Christmas Day, there’s the Boxing Day BBQ which can lead into more BBQs and before you know it’s New Years Eve and well that’s just one giant party.

But do not fear, here’s some tips to help you survive the holidays and come through with your Health and Fitness Goals still intact:

1) Don’t use this time as an excuse to just not train. Keeping up with your exercise regime is VERY important. Make time for the gym. If you know you have dinners on, then get yourself out of bed earlier and train in the morning. Drag a friend along if you want company for motivation. If you know for sure that some sessions will be missed, ensure that every time you can get to the gym, you train HARD! Don’t use the holidays as a time to relax on training.

2) We tend to eat out more often as we catch up with family and friends. Make smarter choices with your food. You don’t have to have bread at the start. Do you really need that entrée? If you do, can you share it with someone? Choose a main that is protein and vegetable based. Avoid creamier sauces, go for tomato based sauces instead. Skip dessert, or again share if you really want to have one. I’m not saying you can’t have a few treats, but spread them out and you will enjoy them more. If you know that you are going to have the creamy pasta or dessert that evening, then make sure your nutrition for that day and the day before is spot on, that way you can somewhat counter balance the calories. Have a treat meal, not a cheat day!

2b) Function finger food can be loaded with crap that is not good for you. You tend to pick off every plate that comes around and you lose track of how much you have actually eaten. Try to have a meal before you go out so you don’t need to pick. Then if you do have a little bit of the finger food, choose the healthier ones that have protein and aren’t deep fried.

3) Alcohol. To be perfectly blunt, you should just skip it entirely. I’m only allowing myself a drink on Boxing Day this year as there is a wedding on. I have a figure comp that I’m aiming for in March and I’m determined to get there. Alcohol just isn’t going to help me so I’m saying no. But I know that every person is different. Remember you don’t have to drink at every function. You can say no (yes you can!). When you choose to have a drink then make smarter choices like red wine or white spirits with soda water. Avoid soft drinks like the plague! If you do drink, you don’t have to right yourself off completely. A hangover just encourages you to skip training and eat junk food the next day.

4) Water, water, water! Keep that intake up to keep the toxins flushing out.

They’re my tips to you. Do you have any others I can add that may help other people out? I’d be happy to have them added!

Remember to enjoy Christmas Day, have that piece of pudding/cake/in my case, Mum’s pavlova and ENJOY it! Depriving yourself is not fun, a little bit of indulgence is!


Basil Turkey Meatloaf-Seriously Easy Meal!

This recipe is sooo freaking easy a child could make it! Plus it makes six serves so it can either feed a lot or be several ready made meals. Here we go:


1kg Turkey Mince (or any kind of mince)

2 eggs, whisked

1 cup almond flour/meal

1 cup fresh basil, chopped

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon onion powder

1 teaspoon dried parsley

Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowl
  3. Spread over a meatloaf pan
  4. Bake for 25-30 minutes (until centre is cooked)
  5. Serve with a salad (make sure the salad has a healthy fat as there is none in the meatloaf!!)

Bon Appetite!


Quick & Easy Dinner

One thing that frustrates me to no end is when clients tell me they don’t have time to cook healthy meals. They blame work, family, commitments, basically anything they can think of. I don’t buy this at all. I’m in the same boat. I work 40-45 hours a week just like everyone else, yet I find the time to cook and eat healthy.

I’m a big fan of bulk cooking and the reheating it to save time. My standard weekday lunch is chicken with some form of sauce and broccoli. I cook 1 to 1.5kg of the chicken and three heads of broccoli up on Sunday, put it all in tupperware containers and reheat it at work. Protein + vegetable = done!

I’ve recently been playing around with egg slices/casseroles for dinners. The original I used was by Nia Shanks and you can find it here. I’ve made my own adjustments week by week, but here’s this weeks to give you and idea of how easy it can be.

1 Onion

1 Carrot

1 Red Capsicum

1 Green Capsicum

1 Yellow Capsicum

1 Zucchini

250g Short Cut Bacon

12 Free Range Eggs


1) Chop up all of the vegetables, keeping the onion separate from the rest.

2) Remove any excess fat from the bacon and chop into small squares.

3) In a large frypan, cook the onion and bacon together. Now would be a good time to turn the oven on. I had it at 150′ but my oven is TERRIBLE so you may need to play around with the temp.

4) Once the bacon and onion are cooked, spread it evenly over a baking dish.

5) Using the same frypan cook the remaining vegetables.

6) While they are cooking, whip the 12 eggs up in a bowl. You can add pepper and small amount of salt if you like.

7) When the vegetables are all done spread them evenly over the bacon and onion.

8) Pour the eggs evenly over the vegetables.

9) Cook in the oven for around 30 minutes. Again my oven is terrible so you may need less or more time, just keep an eye on it and remove when the eggs are done.

10) Enjoy!

This will be five dinners for me. All I need to do is reheat which takes a total of two to three minutes.

See how easy it is to cook quick and healthy meals? You don’t have copy this exact recipe, play around with the vegetables. I’ve tried using chicken sausage as a base and it worked just as well.

Being organised on one day saves me for the rest of the week. So no excuses when it comes to eating healthy.

Happy Cooking!