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Take Two On The Session That Owned Me.

Yesterday was my second attack on the kettlebell workout from last week. You can read about the first attack here. Ben joined me again and Anne decided she wanted to take this on to!

Ben and I both decided we were going for two rounds this week and we made it through. I even kept the kettlebell clean and presses in (I was going to substitute with a dumbbell to prevent those horrible bruises). This week I dropped the weight for them a little and really concentrated on form. The result? No bruises!

Next week will be round three and we are going to stick with the two rounds again, though I’ll be looking at adding some more weight on the reverse lunges, front squats and maybe the clean and press.

I’m not going to lie the two rounds is a killer, I was completely shattered by the end of this and I’m pretty sure Ben and Anne were there with me. If you are going to attempt this workout here’s a few tips:

1) Bring a workout buddy. They will get you through.

2) Don’t be  scared to drop weights, have a variety there so can easily drop them down to get through the workout. It’s harder than what it seems on paper.

3) In saying that don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and up the weights, just don’t sacrifice your form.

4) The front squats and kettlebell swings can really impact your lower back, so for this your form is super important as is weight selection.

5) If you don’t know what any exercise is or how to complete it with correct form, don’t just make it up or attempt it hoping for the best. Get someone who knows what they are doing to show you.

I’ll keep you updated next week on how we go.



I’m asked quite a lot why I have a Personal Trainer, when I’m one myself. Couldn’t I just train myself? Well yes, but I’d rather pay for a trainer. Yes I pay for a Personal Trainer! I train three sessions per week with Rob and here’s why:

1) Designing a program for myself is actually quite hard. I get excited and want to put every exercise known to man in the one program. Then I can never decide what rep range to use or what protocols to follow, then it’s the second guessing, is that too much? Should I take this out, include that? I end up with something that has no structure and makes no sense. Rob does it all for me. I just let him know what goals I have and he designs to that. Other than that I leave it to him.

2) Motivation. I admit that working in a gym helps to keep me on track, when you’re there already it’s hard to skip a session. But I am human, I have those moments just like you do where the last thing I want to do is train. Knowing that I can’t get out of the session will get me there, knowing that I’ll have Rob on my back if I try to bail is just not worth the hassle. It’s easier to do the session!

3) Sometimes I underestimate myself strength wise. I wouldn’t have picked up the heavier weights if someone else didn’t tell me to and then made sure I completed the set. I have been surprised with how much I have lifted in a workout. I wouldn’t have done that without the prompt. Also knowing that I have someone to spot me, gives me that little bit of security to attempt the heavier loads.

4) Accountability. Rob treats me just like every other one of his clients. He checks up on my diet, ensures I’ve completed my sessions outside from him and gives me homework. It’s the little things that count and he does them to keep me on track.

What’s the point of this post you ask? Well it’s to show that everyone can benefit from Personal Training. If you’re lacking in motivation or need some help with your program then invest in the sessions. Your health is worth the investment.

Happy Training


The Session That Owned Me..

Today I decided to copy a workout from Marianne Kane. She’s one of the directors of Girls Gone Strong and has her own fitness blog, which you can follow here. This is one of those workouts where you need a partner or coach there to keep you going, so I challenged one of my 6 weeks to a 6 pack members to come down and do this with me, Ben happily took up the offer. He enjoys having any form of bragging rights over me if he ‘beats’ me in a session. Here’s the session:

1A) Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

1B) Mountain Climbers

2A) Kettlebell Front Squats

2B) Kettlebell Swings

3A) Kettlebell Clean & Press (Single Arm)

3B) Kettlebell Clean & Press (Other Arm)

4A) TRX Rows

4B) Burpees

Each set is timed, 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds rest between each, three rounds of each exercise, so six rounds in each set. Marianne completed three rounds of each set in her workout, Ben and I both agreed we’d try one round of each set, see how we felt after that and then attempt a second if we felt up to it.

Geez I’m glad we made that call. This workout was insane! Round one was hard, but easy enough to get through. The kettlebell swings really hit me in the second round and set my heart rate off destined not to come back down at all for the rest of the session. Then here comes set three, a clean and press is hard by any standards so to throw in a timed set after what we had already done was interesting. By the end of each 45 second round I was close to failure and it took every ounce of me to get that damn kettlebell in the air. The last set was where I’m became grateful to have invited Ben, having him there kept me motivated because lets face it, had I stopped the hassle I would have received from him would have been never ending.

My next goal is to complete two full rounds of the circuit then three the week after. The only change that Ben and I both agreed was a good idea was the use a dumbbell for the clean and presses. Here’s why:


The photo on the left is my wrist, the right is my shoulder, both are on my left arm. My left arm is the weaker out of the two so I had less control of the kettlebell and the bruises are the result. I tried a dumbbell after and it didn’t hit me anywhere so the substitute will be made, I look like I have been beaten up!

The workout hit every part of our body and took just over 30 minutes to complete. Take up the challenge and try it yourself. Even only one round is enough give you a great session.