In case you missed any articles that I posted on my Facebook page (add me if we’re not friends) during the week, I’ve done up this list for your viewing pleasure:

Minimum Training For Maximum Results by Nia Shanks

Passion and Purpose by Neghar Fonooni

Teach Your Female PT Clients To Train Like Men by Neghar Fonooni

How and When To Modify Exercises by Ben Bruno

16 Reasons Why You Can’t Stick To Your Diet by Eric Falstraut

The Wisdom of Napping by Charles Poliquin

Top 10 Ways To Get Skinny Fat

How To Stop Your Hammies Taking Over When You Perform Glute Bridges and Hip Thrusts by Bret Contreras

Sweet Potato Pancakes by Alli Mckee

The Stationary Bike Should Be Outlawed by Nick Mitchell

Renegade Diet vs Carb Backloading by Sean Hyson

11 Ways To Achieve A Healthier Lifestyle by Adam Bornstein

Happy Reading.



About Dion Stewart

Dion Stewart Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach-ASCA Cert III/IV in Fitness-Master Trainer Kettlebell Instructor TRX Suspension Trainer Rehab Essentials Certified through Adam Floyd Kickpad Instructor Les Mills RPM Instructor Also a movie freak, tomboy and small time nerd. You can reach her at for further information.

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