I’m asked quite a lot why I have a Personal Trainer, when I’m one myself. Couldn’t I just train myself? Well yes, but I’d rather pay for a trainer. Yes I pay for a Personal Trainer! I train three sessions per week with Rob and here’s why:

1) Designing a program for myself is actually quite hard. I get excited and want to put every exercise known to man in the one program. Then I can never decide what rep range to use or what protocols to follow, then it’s the second guessing, is that too much? Should I take this out, include that? I end up with something that has no structure and makes no sense. Rob does it all for me. I just let him know what goals I have and he designs to that. Other than that I leave it to him.

2) Motivation. I admit that working in a gym helps to keep me on track, when you’re there already it’s hard to skip a session. But I am human, I have those moments just like you do where the last thing I want to do is train. Knowing that I can’t get out of the session will get me there, knowing that I’ll have Rob on my back if I try to bail is just not worth the hassle. It’s easier to do the session!

3) Sometimes I underestimate myself strength wise. I wouldn’t have picked up the heavier weights if someone else didn’t tell me to and then made sure I completed the set. I have been surprised with how much I have lifted in a workout. I wouldn’t have done that without the prompt. Also knowing that I have someone to spot me, gives me that little bit of security to attempt the heavier loads.

4) Accountability. Rob treats me just like every other one of his clients. He checks up on my diet, ensures I’ve completed my sessions outside from him and gives me homework. It’s the little things that count and he does them to keep me on track.

What’s the point of this post you ask? Well it’s to show that everyone can benefit from Personal Training. If you’re lacking in motivation or need some help with your program then invest in the sessions. Your health is worth the investment.

Happy Training



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