Assessment Time

If you’re reading this welcome to my blog and my first post!

Today was my second assessment for the year. Here are the results from 03/01/2012:

Weight: 69kgs

Omron: 21.6% BF (14.9kgs)


Tricep: 24mm

Bicep: 7.7mm

Subscapula: 12.8mm

Suprailium: 10.6mm

Total: 55.1mm = 28.97% BF

Girth Measurements:

Right Arm: 30cm, Left Arm: 30cm

Right Thigh: 58cm, Left Thigh: 60cm

Chest: 92.5cm

Waist: 73cm

Hips: 98.5cm

Results For 01/02/2012:

Weight: 66.6kgs

Omron: 19.6% BF (13.1kgs)


Tricep: 16mm

Bicep: 7.5mm

Subscapula: 13.5mm

Suprailium: 11mm

Total: 48mm = 26.26% BF

Girth Measurements:

Right Arm: 33cm, Left Arm: 32cm

Right Thigh: 57cm, Left Thigh: 56cm

Chest: 95.5cm

Waist: 69.5cm

Hips: 97.5cm

I should note that the assessments were taken by two different trainers, which can have a slight affect on results (for the record this is never an excuse for poor results).

I’m not at all happy with these results and I know that I’m the only person who can change that. My training has been great, I’ve only missed one session since the beginning of the year and I can see I’m getting stronger with each session (3 sets of 12 pushups, full range on my toes, as part of a 9 exercise circuit-woo-never been able to do that!)

Where does the problem lie? DIET! While I started off pretty good, the last week and a half has been pretty slack. I went out drinking Saturday night, and by drinking I went pretty stupid. Food wise I allowed myself to stray from my meal plan too much. I got lazy and couldn’t be bothered cooking, even missed a couple of meals, which all adds up to lame results.

So what am I doing to fix it? Writing up my meal plan for next week from a new cookbook I downloaded this week. You can get the same book (or parts of it for free) here: I’m sticking to 1500 calories Monday-Friday, 1000-1100 calories Saturday and 2000 calories Sunday. Sunday is my refeed day where I’ll add more carbs to my diet to literally refeed my body. My shopping list is already done so I have no excuses for not sticking to this.

Let me make one thing clear, you cannot out train a bad diet. Even if you train like a crazy person with the best program around, coming out of workout and ingesting crap food is just putting you back to square one. I will add some posts later on my suggestions for diet and how to work out your calorie intake.

I’ll do another assessment in four weeks time and post the results-hoping they will be better than these ones.



About Dion Stewart

Dion Stewart Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach-ASCA Cert III/IV in Fitness-Master Trainer Kettlebell Instructor TRX Suspension Trainer Rehab Essentials Certified through Adam Floyd Kickpad Instructor Les Mills RPM Instructor Also a movie freak, tomboy and small time nerd. You can reach her at for further information.

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